About Salaah4kids  

Islam4kids introduces Salaah4kids for 6 -12 year olds as an  extra-mural programme.  

It aims to introduce Salaah in a practical and esay way and to understand the importance of Salaah in the life of a Muslim. 

All aspects of salaah will be covered to gain competency.

All  lessons are   reinforced through Islamic arts & craft activities, practicals, games & worksheets.




The 12 weeks comprises of:


  • Cleanliness, including how to perform wudu, wudu niyyahs, du’a after wudu

  • Why we need wudu, what breaks wudu

  • Importance of Salaah [a gift to Muslims]

  • Conditions of Salaah, names, times & postures of Salaah

  • Number of Rak;aah, what nullifies Salaah

  • The Athaan, Fajr Athaan, Du’a after Athaan, the Iqaamah

  • Du’a Istiftaah, The Qunoot

  • Surah Al Fatihah, Al Ikhlaas, Sural Wal Asr

  • Salaah niyyahs

  • Athkaar in all postures i.e.

  • Ruku, i’tidal, jalsah

  • Tashahud, Durood Ibrahim, Du’a before Tasleem

  • Du’a after Salaah


Duration:          12 weeks

Venue:             Crawford Athlone

Time:               SATURDAYS 2:30PM TO 5:00PM


* R75 registration

* R1020  for 12 weeks 



Only 12-15 learners can be accommodated in a class.